WRATH SINS   THRASH PROGRESSIVE METAL FROM PORTUGAL Band Questions answer by MIGUEL, NORA, GASPAR and COUTINHO                                     
Please introduce yourself and the band members briefly? Miguel: First of all thanks for inviting us, it makes us really proud to know that our music reaches your country! We're a portuguese metal band, that's been around since 2012. The band is formed by myself, Miguel Silva ( Vocals / Guitars ), Rui Coutinho ( Guitars ), Ricardo Nova ( Bass ), and our new guy Gaspar Ribeiro ( Drums ).   What does the band name mean and how do you get it? Miguel: WRATH SINS was the name that i came up, when I started this project. I wanted to be something that meant power but also with substance. I got inspired by the "The Divine Comedy" by Dante, at the time, and all the sins, the stories, the ambience around the name Wrath, sounded to be exactly what we were doing musically. Being wrath such a huge part of all the seven sins and our music was always around dark subjects and concepts, and the Thrash and progressive stuff that we combine, grabbed me to get not just a catchy name, but a meaningful one.   Where and how was the band founded? Miguel: The band started by the end of 2011, when i felt i had something different from all that was being done at the time at our local scene. I got in touch with Coutinho and Nora, and in a few months we were a full band with the arrival of our drummer Diogo Márlon. Since then a lot of work was put into this, two albums later a lot of this changed, but 7 years later we're still very alive and intend to be for quite sometime.   Have you played in other bands before? Miguel: We all had small projects before or during, by now i'm the one who has another project called Sotz', where i play bass.   Was it hard to find suitable band members who fit musically and humanely with the band? Miguel and Nora: Definitely! at least in a "small" way. We were fortunated enough to be the same 4 guys for 5 years, and grow with each other, musically and as human beings. Márlon had to emigrate around 2017, when we were starting to record "The Awakening", and things were hard at the time. Me, Nora and Coutinho know each other for more than 10 years, and have a friendship that help us to do what we do, but since Márlon left it was difficult. We're in a small country, being metal far from the first choices to the usual listener. We have lots and lots of bands, but still there's lots of consideration on being part of one. Lots of sacrifice and commitment and expenses, that we have to balance with our day jobs and personal lifes, so it was and it is hard. But we were fortunated to get the help of our dear friend Eduardo Sinatra (Heavenwood, Sollar, Godiva), that was our session drummer of "The Awakening" and got a brilliant job done, preventing us to stop at the time. Every one that came after know that were such big shoes to fill and it was incredibly hard to get a full member. After the album being recorded and after lots of auditions we found Diego Mascarenhas, that were with us from 2017 to 2019. This year brough us to new levels, new challenges, new steps to reach and changes were made. Today we feel that with Gaspar Ribeiro we're stronger than ever, and are very excited to whats next.   What are the lyrics about and who of you is writing them ? Miguel: All the lyrics are written by me. As a vocalist i found hard to sing someone else's lyrics the same i as i sing mine. It's a very deep subject, a meaningful one. Our lyrics are always about a concept. I started in "Contempt Over The Stormfall" to write like in a spider's web, where it's all connected. The album being about overcoming our fears, it was natural to me, writing all the process, and specially in "The Awakening" which is a full concept album, with lots of characters, about life, death, being trapped in our own nightmares, the story being in my head since the beginning, until now it's only the natural process of things.   Which bands inspired you and how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard a sound from you? Miguel: We got inspired by many artists, and so many things that surround us. As kids we were all passioned by Metallica's felling and agressiveness, Megadeth's solos, Death's darkness, Dream Theater's soulful approach. We love all kinds of music, and being such open minds, inspired us to do what we do. Bands as Sylosis, Trivium, and Alter Bridge, are a big part of what we do, and definitely our biggest influences out there right now.   Why should people listen too your music? Miguel and Nora: Our music for someone that never heard of us before, we can only say, not to expect us to be another thrash metal band singing about war or beer. We love mixing such different elements in our music, lyric wise and deep concepts, that we dare you to take a listen and get lost in it.I believe we are a different band, with a differente approach. We're not reinventing the wheel or not intend to do so. We're just a band that love what we do, and love to reach new levels, if you guys like fast, agressive and meaningful music, we have something for you.   Contempt over the Stormfall Your debut album was released in 2015. How long did it take? Nora: Contempt Over The Stormfall took less than a year to put together. In fact we had a few songs since we started, and we were always composing new stuff and with all being sort of connected, we felt that a EP, was just not enough. We took some time off the road, and focused on the album.   Where and when did you produce the album? Nora: "Contempt..." was recorded at Raising Legends Records studios at Oporto, at the beginning of 2015, being produced by André Matos and me. The master being done by Sage Audio - Nashville Tennesse (USA).   How proud were you to hold the finished album for the first   time? Miguel: We were very proud, our first record, all the process, all the togetherness, we felt we accomplished something special, being "kids" and getting our first "real" music out, was definitely special. Of course, we improved a lot over the process and knew as any musician, that we could do better then. Looking back, we really love what we've done with Contempt, with all its flaws and inexperience, its a mark of time to us. Coutinho: I for one, was very proud of the work that got put into making this álbum, so logicaly when we had the physical manifestation of all our hard work it gave us a big sense of acomplishment. Speaking for me, i remember liking the metal genre since a young age, but always thought the idea of making an álbum, kind of out of my league. Its very pleasant to look back on where we came from, what we went through and what we are wiling to do as a group in order to make things work, and although we still have a big road ahead of us, the journey we made is reward enough.   The   Awakening   your second and so far lastest album was released at the of 2017. How did the work for the album work and who supported you this time? Miguel: Was very hard at the beginning. We were so excited to record the album, this special album that we're doing, and Márlon had to left the band. We worked with Eduardo Sinatra, as it was said before. It took some time to put all together, but we're still so proud of this album. I started to write the album , lyrics, the concept, every riff was better than the past one, it was an amazing process. We were more a team, than before. We definitely reached a whole other level, and when we put it out, all the reviews, the kind words, the attention we got, made all worth it. Internationally the album were more accepted that in our country, i was something not expected, but still today it put a smile on our faces.   Which is your favorite song from the album and why? Miguel: Our favorite song, it's definitely "Shadow's Kingdom". It was i think the last one, to be done for the album, and it was such a different mood, an incredible amount of riffs and unpredictable stuff happening all the time, it's in my opinion our best song to date.   You've been under contract with the label Raising Legends Records since your first album. How did you work together and how satisfied are you with the label? Nora: No doubt since the beginning of the contract the label has been a "door opener" for us and we are managing to make the best of it by working hard in every little thing that a band involves to take the oportunities and bring the RL brand with us. In the end i think it's a kind of a give and take relationship   How far have you been planning for album number three? Miguel: In fact, album III it's already being made. Since the departure of Diego from the band, we put it on hold, but now that we're once more a full band, with Gaspar, we're hope to enter the studio later this year, and we're very excited to do so.   How do you feel being the new guy and have such big shoes to fill ? Gaspar: I feel great! New challenges are always accepted! Eudardo Sinatra did a hell of a job recording 'The Awakening', and those are, indeed, big shoes to fill and a hell lotta stuff to learn. A way more complex record than the first one, but the things are sounding great and I can't wait to get on stage and later on start paying more attention to the new material! Fresh and interesting stuff will be written, I'm sure! Do you feel welcomed in the band and happy with the work thats being made ?  Gaspar:   Oh man, the "welcome greetings" couldn't be any better! I'm really happy with the band, the environment that we have and the new places in the songs that we are already getting to. The work is being really smooth. Even tho we work a lot and (I speak for myself) the hours that are spent working to get the set ready are too many, the work is flowing really good! You going to play for the first time, next march 9th. Are you nervous what do you expect ?  Gaspar: Well, the pressure is on, we gotta be honest! But I think that not only me but also the rest of the band have been working pretty well and hard tp get the machine rolling and ready to kick some asses! The set is learned, the songs are rehearsed. I'll just have to show it live and have the most fun possible with it!   What   was your first concert as a fan? And what memory do you have of it? Miguel: My first concert was Metallica at Rock in Rio lisboa 2014. In fact it were the opening bands, like Slipknot but Metallica was the one who i was looking forward since i was a kid. Coutinho: I was always a shy kid, and the metal scene wasn’t such a big thing where i came from, so finding people willing to go through the “crazyness” of an oldfashioned metal concert was simply out of the question, that being said i was an uncultured suine until the tender age of 19 where i final found a very good friend of mine that came with me to see Ramp, Mastodon, Lamb of God, Machine Head, Slipknot and Metallica. It was definetly worth the wait! Nora: Slipknot, Rock in rio Lisboa 2004, everything that you could expect from a Slipknot concert , a huge blast of energy and people "flying" and moshing everywhere. Gaspar: My first metal concert was Moonspell with Septicflesh as the special guests.The year was 2015, I was 15 going on 16, was starting to get into the heavy and fast side of metal drumming influenced by bands like Decapitated, Septicflesh, Behemoth, Aborted, Fleshgod Apocalypse (even tho I'm not an extremely fast drummer) and Kerim "KRIMH" Lechner (Septichflesh, Ex-Decapitated) was, and still is, one of my main inspirations when it comes to metal drumming, and that night, after the gig I was able to meet him, he gave one drumstick, I gave him a drawing that I did and I was so nervous that I forgot to take a picture!   What were your live highlights and with what bands did you play? Nora: Playing with band that we grow up listing to, was very special. Ramp, The Temple ,to name a few, was definitely something very cool, To share the stage with such incredible musicians.   Which   band would you like to play live with and why? Miguel: Definitely Sylosis for me. And yeah, Metallica or Megadeth it would be a dream too, for all the inspiration they gave us to grab our instruments and for us to do what we do. Coutinho: There is a guy i will always want to meet, he influenced my playstyle since the begining and for that it would be a dream to play alongside Mr. James Hetfield from Metallica. Nora: That's a hard question because i would love to play with every band that i'am a fan just because of that.   Gaspar: So many for so many different reasons! I'd love to open a gig for Slipknot, Pantera, ALice In Chains, Opeth, Project46, Gojira, Decapitated, Meshuggah, Tool, Lamb Of God and we can keep going. All the bands that I would love to play with are bands that in someway influenced me to do what I do, and share that with them would be badass!   How import is social media for you as a band? Nora: It's definitely a big part of what we do, internet it has been the most important tool for all the bands out there, for better or worse. Without it to promote our music, how could we do it nowadays? The problem is that the amount of music out there, and everyone to be able to reach the social media, transforms in an overpopulated system, which is very hard to pass through. But still it has importance in what we do.   What do you think about the internet in general? a blessing or a curse? How do you see the problem with the haters on the internet who have to announce their mental garbage in anonymity always and everywhere? Gaspar:   To be honest I really never pay attention to unbiased hate. If someone doesn't like what I'm doing and has something constructive to say, then I'll hear it and pay attention. If it's just someone throwing hate just because it's fun, then I'll just let them exist and not let that affect my work. Coutinho: As a nerdy child the internet is no surprise to me, i know people, and people feel safe speaking under the mirror that is the computer screen, people get the chance to be what they cant be in real life thanks to the internet, and honestly as long as they dont hurt anyone, they are entitled to an opinion, if they wish to waste their credibility by being a “hater” for the sake of it, then its their decision and it affects me no less than an extra spoon of sugar on my morning coffee.   What does your environment tells you about your passion for metal? Coutinho: This is a very hard question to awnser to be honest, altough i apreciate the genre of metal very much, my environment does very little to express how i feel about it. I just dont know how to explain it, its a musical genre i truly apreciate, there is no underlying meaning as to why i have this passion. The truth is, when i pick the guitar up i always play metal, when i want to listen to a tune, i listen to metal. It is what it is, great music, performed by the greatest of artists.   What would you like to achieve with the band? Miguel: As for our goals, we just would like to continue to do this for as much as we can. To get our music into the world as far as possible. To reach more listeners one at a time, and we hope that the next album reaches even more than the last, and hopefully to launch us a little bit into the european scene, reaching festivals and spreading our wings into new horizons.   What are yout thoughts about the metal scene in your country? Miguel: Our music scence its full of great bands and potential to be as good and great as any. Just a diverse and immense variety and to see/listen to such amazing band not being able to reach the full potential, because of our small minded country metal wise, it’s just frustrating. It’s very hard for us to reach bigger audiences, and tour and so on, but also we see a lot of envy between bands, they all want to be bigger than X, and X bigger than Y, and that’s just sad. If such small scene were more united, who knows in what would become.   How did your parents react when you started making metal music? Did they support you and how do you feel about your music today? Miguel: My parents, were very supportive in every way of what i've done. Even not liking the type of music, they helped me buying my first guitar, and i feel that they are proud of what i accomplished so far. Coutinho: My parents are everything to me, although they dont appreciate anything i do musicaly (because its a genre with an aquired taste).Nontheless they bought me my first guitar and amp, and eventhough its not to their taste, both my mother and father came to watch me play the first concert of each álbum. Nothing will erase the image of my father taking a nap during heavy metal bands playing, only to wake up and taking pictures like a madman at the sight of me going up the stage.As for our music, i think its an amalgamation of all of the member’s tastes, which in my opinion results in a very diverse álbum. I personaly like the distinction there is from song to song, and the presence of elements from several genres of metal. Its still something we are willing to develop and i think our sound will only improve as time goes on. Nora: I think at the time they didn't get whats going on and still not getting it. Gaspar:   My parents never really bored with the thing of both me and my brother wanting to be musicians. He's a sax player and jazz enthusiast, and I guess that would be easier to cope with (so to speak), but I never really got any sort of problem for wanting to be a metal musician. My mom always had a hard rock/grunge background. She lived the 90's as a rock fan, and it was really easy for her to accept. As far as my dad, it was also really easy. He attended to some shows with me, we've seen Korn, Heaven Shall Burn, Helyeah (and more) and he also digs a lot of bands like System Of A Down and even Skindred. It's all cool in the family!   What would you personally like to do in your life? Gaspar:   We can all say in one voice, Music.   PERSONAL QUESTION  
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