Please introduce yourself and the band members briefly? Hey thanks for the interview!   I'm Jym Harris (aka Jymbo) and I sing for Sylent Storm.   Our current lineup features guitarist Michael Ian Brisbane and bassist Mike Pugh, both from the band BloodMoon Warning, guitarist Jack Costa formerly of Black Halo, and drummer Rich Psonak formerly of Aptera.   I'm fortunate to have such talented members willing to play true Heavy Metal.   What does the band name mean and how do you get it? The band "Stormwitch" was a favorite of mine in the 80's. I've always loved the word "Storm" as it has multiple powerful meanings in English.   A storm is a violent atmospheric disturbance with strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, etc.   It can also mean an uproar of controversy or to attack, charge or to move forcefully in a specific direction. Many classic Heavy bands had names that were contradictions.   One word was something delicate and the other word strong; like Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin, Quiet Riot.   The word "silent" means still or tranquil.   The idea of a silent storm seemed very powerful to us, but there was an inactive band with that name so we misspelled the first word as "Sylent"... in the classic 80's tradition of Ratt, Motley Crue and Megadeth but really that goes all the way back to the Beatles.   Where and how was the band founded? I ran a record shop in Medford Oregon, where I was contacted by a young aspiring musician named James Lind.   He asked for some out-of-print albums, which I had at that time. We struck up a conversation and it turned out he was a guitarist looking to form his first band & we both loved early US Power Metal.   I'm a drummer who sings so we brought in Matt Foster to play bass.   His tastes are all over the place so it was an intersting fit.   Over the next year, we added a second guitarist (first Randy Stevens then Jenny Logan) to the band but they both moved on after a few shows and the EP was recorded by Lind, Foster and myself.   Have you played in other bands before? Yeah, a few.   Emissary, Bassakward, Cruella, BloodMoon Warning... some others that didn't go anywhere.   Was it hard to find suitable band members who fit musically and humanely with the band? Yes, because our community is so small.   What are the lyrics about and who of you is writing them ? I write the lyrics and "Patriots Of Metal" is a call to arms for all true Metal fans. "Witches' Blood" is about the Salem Witch Trials. "Betrayal" is about having someone dishonest turn on you, and "Eye Of The Storm" is about going insane from the insomnia caused by panic attacks... charming, huh?   Which bands inspired you and how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard a sound from you? We play Melodic US Power Metal that is currently referred to as the New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal (NWOTHM).   We are inspired by tons of acts from the early 80's.   I'd say "imagine early Omen with the vocals from the first Tokyo Blade record" maybe?   We also have a style similar to the NWOTHM band Haunt.   Why should people listen to your music? If people enjoy the style we play, they may like us!     In 2018 your debut ep appeared. How long did the work on the 6 song ep take? We were only in the studio for a few days, but there were tons of issues getting it assembled... the band actually broke up during the recording sessions in 2014 and while I played in a couple other bands, it just sat unmixed until I was able to get an engineer to work on it last year.   I formed the new lineup after the release was announced, as there seemed to be quite an interest in the band.   You can hear a coverversion of the axeman from the omen. Why did you choose this song? Always loved it since it came out and there aren't many cover versions around.   It sort of sounds like us.   Who helped you with the production? It was recorded in Medford by Chris Slocum at Jackson Street Studios and it was mixed and mastered by Doug Hill at 60 Psycho Hum (also in Medford).   Doug has worked with some really talented people like Scott Kelly from Neurosis, the band Helmet and you can find his credits on three Mastodon albums as well.   He did an excellent job with us.   Are you already working on new songs and how far are the plans for your debut album? Yes we are!   You've been under contract with Stormspell Records since then, and what awaits you from the collaboration Our deal was for one pressing of the EP but the label has shown insterest in an album too... we will see!   What was your first concert as a fan? And what memory do you have of it? I went to see a local Christian Hard Rock band called FIRST STRIKE around 1984 or '85 and only saw the last song... does that count?   If not it Y&T in 1987... I remember that clearly.   The opening bands were RAWKON and RAZORMAID.   Reno Nevada had some good bands back then.   What were your live highlights and with which bands did you play? My first night on stage with BLOODMOON WARNING... we opened for Y&T in front of a nearly sold out Y&T crowd.   That was a great first show.   My first band to play a big show was EMISSARY.   We opened for DOKKEN in front of 800 people.   We also opened for THE CHERRY POPPIN' DADDIES in front of 1500 people and that was my biggest live show yet.   Have already resulted in friendship ? YES!   Which band would you like to play live with and why? Any traditional Heavy Metal band, big or small.   Doesn't matter.   With what do you earn your money except with the music? I work in the office of a huge mail order company.   Not glamorous but answering emails sort of pays the bills...   Before that I stood behind the same counter at a record shop talking to people about Metal for about two decades.   How important are social media for you as a band? VERY IMPORTANT.   It's totally necassary.   I got nearly all my recent industry connections through Social Media.   What would you (her) want to achieve with the band? "Her" means female in English, haha.   I'd just like to add songs to the Metal world and give fans more music to listen to.     What do you think about the USA Metal scene in general? Mostly lame until the NWOTHM hit the States recently.   Too many non- melodic "Hardcore" type bands.   If you are looking for "a sick breakdown" look elsewhere.   That's not what we do.   Maybe you can recommend some bands from your area? For Thrash (with modern elements) check out INSANITY'S REIGN.   Great people and I've watched them grow into something special over the years.   Northern Cali's CHAINS OF BELONT are killer too. For Trad, I'd say LEATHURBITCH, SILVER TALON (feauring fomer Spellcaster guys with the singer of Sanctifyre), and SPLINTERED THRONE all from Portland, Oregon.   PERSONAL QUESTIONS !   Where did you grow up and how was your childhood? I grew up in Sacramento California but moved around a lot in my teen years.   I lived in three States and went to a lot of different schools.   It sucked, but Heavy Metal was my home.   No matter what shitty trailer park we lived in, I could just blast Metal in my headphones and open up the pages of Hit Parader, Kerrang, or Metal Edge and I was THERE.   The Metal world gave me a "place" where I always felt welcome.   How was your school time you were rather the good student or the break clown ? "Class Clown" we say... I kind of still am, haha... Good student in grade school and then the ADHD hit.   I barely graduated High School.     How did your parents react when you started making metal music? did they support you and how do you feel about your music today? Not supportive at all.   The PMRC had taught them that I must be a devil worshipper or something.   I couldn't join a band, so I had to wait until I moved out in 1990 after I turned 18.   By then the Grunge scene was taking over the clubs and I would not be able to comfortably make the music I love for two more decades.   Luckily the NWOTHM has given me the opportunity to finally have a band that sounds the way I want, without mixing in any modern elements.   It's beautiful.   Would you be successful in making music as a musician? Earlier in my life if I could have focused more, and I think, yes.   Now I'm trying to cram in all the years I missed, before people are sick of old school Heavy Metal again, ha! We wll see!   Are you someone who loves the hustle and bustle of the big city? or rather looking for peace and relaxation in nature? Big city guy mostly.   My wife loves nature but I go nuts in a quiet forest.   Lots of people find it peaceful though.   Do you actively practice sports or are you more of a passive spectator? Occasioanl spectator, but never an athelete   When it comes to your physical well you can cook or let you cook for you I do pretty well on my own but my wife might be the greatest cook on earth. Certainly the best cooking I've ever eaten, and I absolutely mean that.   We have fed plenty of touring acts who would likely agree.   What does your environment tell you about your passion for metal (friends / family / colleagues) ? Nearly everyone says I'm the most passionate Metalhead they've ever met.   How do you see the problem with the haters on the internet who have to announce their mental garbage in anonymity always and everywhere? Trolls are cowards.   It's easy for them to run their mouths when there's no chance of it getting smacked.   What do you think about the internet in general? a blessing or a curse? Mostly a blessing with all the info at your findertips, but with everyone buried in their screens, there's a lot less "personal" human interaction.   That's why so many millenals are socially awkward, right?   They have learned how to be "social" without face-to-face eye contact or a firm handshake.   Lots of young people don't speak well, since they've spent their entire life reading texts and such... but they can all type fast!   Which question would you like to have answered and why? Too heavy for this interview.   Pass   What would you personally like to do in your life? Be Happy... and make others happy.   Medford Home.   Austria Where you are   Siskiyou Mountains Pretty but you do NOT want to try and go over that pass when it's icy.   Most bands don't tour during the winter because of that trek up Interstate 5   Waffle Barn-Ashland Never eaten there   River Phoenix My doppelganger when I was young   Multnomah Falls Only seen pictures   Mount Jefferson Too far north to view from here   Pizza Love it but too much is bad news   Thor The band, the comics, the movies or the mythological character?   Craft Beer I thought Kraft made cheese, not beer?! Kidding, I don't really drink beer... microbrew or otherwise.   Movie or Series Movies... most series don't hold my attention   CD or Vinyl either   Family I have an excellent one, but Headbangers wolrdwide are my family as well   Your top 10 all time album faves Too many... it changes The closing word is yours?   Please check out and thanks to all the Stormbangers for their support!!   Cheers!
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