Please introduce yourself and the band members briefly? Col.KMU – Guitars And Vocals Picos – Drums Pach - Bass   What does the band name mean and how do you get it? Strike Master comes from the name of an aircraft   Where and how was the band founded? Back in 2005 the first line up was together and started working, it was my dream to make a band and destroy everything   Have you played in other bands before? No never   Was it hard to find suitable band members who fit musically and humanely with the band? It was soooooooooo dificult, finally we have a stable line up, weve had 7 Line ups   What does the band name mean? Nothing specific but the name itself   What are the lyrics about and who of you is writing them ? Written by Col.KMU, all about, reality, fiction, surrealism, abstraction, militaristc urgency, experiences, sadness, violence, dreams, nightmares, video games   Which bands inspired you and how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard a sound from you? Demolition Hammer, Overkill,Black Sabbath, Slayer, we are a fine mixure of all the bands we love, its frenetic, technical, fast   Why should people listen to our music? For them not to become a helpless outcast   In 2006, your debut album Up for the Massacre was released. how long did you work on the songs and who supported you in the production? It took me from my teenagelife, about two years to have them ready, Blower records were the band that released that first album   The album was released by Blower Records. How was working with the label and how did you get in contact with the label? Its a good release that marked a new way in Mexico´s metal scene, they just got in touch with us after a couple gigs.   What are your memories of the album thirteen years later and what is your favorite song on it? So young and restless, nothing could stop me, i wanted to set the world on fire, play fast, get drunk, get laid, just to die, to die alive.   In 2008, when you released the Inflexible Steel ep, Kenny Powell of omen has been appearing with a guest since you first came into contact with him and how did the collaboration work? We became very good friends after we played in Puerto Rico together, then we decided to invite him and he accepted, ans awsome friend and guide, we love him.   In the wake of the ep release, you've come to Europe on tour and played as the first Mexican band on the keep it true 2008. what were your impressions of the festival and europe in general? Its an awsome festival that keeps the esence of old school metal alive, the atmosphere is great, the bands, the crowd.   In 2009, your second album Vicious Nightmare was released. How satisfied are you with the album today? Very much, a full lenght album, were the band becomes more technical, long songs with a lot of passages for the listener to get loss and killed..   Jumali Katani from Singapore is responsible for the cover artwork. How did you get in contact with him and how satisfied are you with his work? Honestly our label boss Armando Pereira from Marquee records, is the responsable for that cover, we thank him a lot   In 2011 you released your third album Majestic Strike after a split and a compilation. Can you tell us a simple story about the genesis of the album? The album is created very quickly, short time, so you can listen to the ideas of KMU and Picos flowing at the very moment, enraged and full of anger, its a vengance, its a jump to the unknown   I think the album artwork is very successful or was it t-shirts? If so, can you still buy them? Not anymore, we release shirts and sell them until they are done, then we release new ones, maybe in its aniversary we will again ;)   Why did you decide that 20017 your debut salbum under the name U.F.T.M. again in a limited version and is it a new release or did you use original songs? Those songs deserved to be re recorded in the correct way, so 10 years after it was the moment to make it happen and of course, that way the new line up could show the world they could do it easily and way more techincal.   For your fourth official album Strike Master you have allowed yourself six years time why the long time for the album and how long did the work really take? The band got into a supspention of activity due to military service, and the composition of this album took 3 years during that time   Are you already working on new songs and if so in which direction are they going and what are the plans for the next album? This 2019 you will listen to our new material, we will release an EP of 4 songs, full lenght albums are no the option nowadays, they move slow for an independent band like us   What were the highlights and the deep points to this day in the history of the band for you? I think, the last 3 years have been a complete highlight, weve played in the biggest stages, with the biggest bands, and the line up is tight and marching forward, the deep points could be when we loss members due to awful situations in the past years.   You've already achieved some strikes on festivals played in europe played some album released. would you have thought of that when you founded the band fourteen years ago and are you a bit proud of that? NEVER!, the planets are lining up over Strike Master.   What was your first concert as a fan? And what memory do you have of it? Metallica,Pantera, Monster Magnet, Mexico city april 30 – 1999. The best one ever, it changed my universe.   You were allowed to play in front of slayer on their alleged farewell tour. How was the appearance for you had a different feeling than you were on stage? In front of 40,000 maniacs, the best show ever, Strike Master, Phil Anselmo, Anthrax, Slayer, in one evening, as I said, the planets lined up over us, we are the next generation.   What were your live highlights and with which bands did you play? I Think that Slayer farewell, and of course when we played with King Diamond and Exodus in the sports arena in Mexico city as well, what a line up right? We enjoy playing either with the big ones, and small venues for a bunch of fans, we are still metal maniacs, nothing more.   Have already resulted in friendship ? No, Just business, precision, nothing more, its a job, not a party, and to get an oportunity of those is very serious   Which band would you like to play live with and why? BIOHAZARD NY HARD CORE, just love them since a kid, their energy, i would love to make a small tour with them one day.   With what do you earn your money except with the music? We work in diferent branches, Graphic desing, construction, audio studio.   How important are social media for you as a band? Nowadays is the most important way to get known, is the evolution, we have to stick with it.   What would you (her) want to achieve with the band? To be a metal monster, tour the world, infect the masses.   What do you think about the Mexico Metal scene in general? Not good.   Maybe you can recommend some bands from your area? I want to recomend TULKAS as a you thrash metal band, very technical, determined kids, wish them luck     PERSONAL QUESTIONS !   Where did you grow up and how was your childhood? R: Mexico city, the first half was ok, not much to say, the second half turned ugly, dificult, strange, sad, senseless, dangerous,confusing, fuck those times, i hate them and those who were around, shoulded comit child suicide, fuck it!   How was your school time you were rather the good student or the break clown ? R: I was a mother fucking mess   How did your parents react when you started making metal music? did they support you and how do you feel about your music today? R: They are very proud of my results and my pasion for it   Would you be successful in making music as a musician? R: No, not at all   Are you someone who loves the hustle and bustle of the big city? or rather looking for peace and relaxation in nature? R: City boy forever, Concrete jungle   Do you actively practice sports or are you more of a passive spectator? R: Brazilian Jiu jitsu, and the others go boxing.   When it comes to your physical well you can cook or let you cook for you R: I am a profesional Chef, we love to cook when we travel together   What does your environment tell you about your passion for metal (friends / family / colleagues) ? We keep together, survive, love each other and get along with daily life   How do you see the problem with the haters on the internet who have to announce their mental garbage in anonymity always and everywhere? They dont bother me at all, bunch of losers   What do you think about the internet in general? a blessing or a curse? R: Double edged blade   Which question would you like to have answered and why? Am I evil?   What would you personally like to do in your life? To live without being worried   Mexico City Love it and hate it equaly   Teotihuacán City of the gods   Zócalo Crowded as fuck   Popocatépetl The sleeping warrior   Soccer Girly shity sport   Taco with red salsa please   Movie or Series Both   Cuauhtémoc Blanco A rude stupid soccer player that became a state governor, only in Mexico   Mezcal WAYYYYYY better than tequila   CD or Vinyl CD   Family I would like to go back in time and kill them while I was a kid, that way no prision would be necesary but some mental hospital for a couple years   The closing word is yours? Love you all! Check us out! We are here for all of you, STRIKE MASTER, from Mexico city, relentless, thrash metal going techincal, cheers ;)
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