PERSONAL QUESTIONS !   Where did you grow up and how was your childhood? Born in Elk City Oklahoma, grew up in New River Virginia. Worked a lot on my grandparents farm and it was wonderful. I’m a heavy metal farm boy.   How was your school time you were rather the good student or the break clown ? Never liked school. Took G.E.D. got the hell out as soon as possible. Skipped a lot of days. But, I did rock the place while I was there. Just wanted out. Once I started playing music I knew what I wanted in this life.   How did your parents react when you started making metal music? did they support you and how do you feel about your music today? First I played drums. Then I got a guitar and small amp. My Dad bought me a huge amp on my 15 th  birthday. My family was very supportive. They are always interested in the next batch of songs.   Would you be successful in making music as a musician? Already have had a good portion of success as a underground musician. Now I’m reaching for next level. Are you someone who loves the hustle and bustle of the big city? or rather looking for peace and relaxation in nature? As I mentioned before, I’m a farm boy. After a big show I rather just go back to the farm.   Do you actively practice sports or are you more of a passive spectator? Used to play football in grade school and high school – but then I got a guitar, grew my hair longer and started rocking on that.   When it comes to your physical well you can cook or let you cook for you ? I’ve been a cook at work in 3 restaurants. I like to cook. Don’t have the time though now.   What does your environment tell you about your passion for metal (friends / family / colleagues) ? As I mentioned I run a rehearsal studio. So, I’m around it all the time. The rehearsal studio looks like a metal man cave. It is my life.   How do you see the problem with the haters on the internet who have to announce their mental garbage in anonymity always and everywhere? I suppose they have nothing better to do. They pretty much suck ass.   What do you think about the internet in general? a blessing or a curse? Modern society has made it a necessary thing. It’s not going away unless the electric is shut down. I’d rather not have it. If used right it can be a handy tool for promotions and communication. Especially for business but socially it is very distracting. Definitely still in it’s growing stages.   Which question would you like to have answered and why? How we can get together and sort some shit out on this planet. We sure could use it.   What would you personally like to do in your life? Help get some things on planet earth sorted out. And then go back to farming.   Tampa bay OK place to live if you like warmth and water but not so much if you are in a struggling metal band.    Austria OK, yes - On the wish list for live shows.   Gasparilla pirate Festival I’m a heavy metal pirate.   So Ho At least like to play there and see what happens. NFL or NHL Both, but I like the old school days when they were not so much complaining pansies.   Wrestling Nope – rather go to a rock concert.   Daytona 500 I do like demolition derby.   Flan No – rather have devil’s food doughnuts.   Beer Japanese Kurin   Everglades A beautiful part of Florida. Airboat ride.   Keylime Pie Tasty   Jon Schaffer Iced Earth is a pretty cool band. Would love to do a show with them and Jag Panzer.   Horror Movies love the classics   Movie or Series I like both. Currently TV series- The Walking Dead and Supernatural.   CD or Vinyl Both!   Family Got to have it.   Your top 10 all time album faves Nazareth (Rampant), Black Sabbath (Sabbath Bloody Sabbath), U.F.O. (Phenomenon), Rush (2112), Alice Cooper (Billion Dollar Babies), Blue Oyster Cult (Fire Of Unknown Origin), Thin Lizzy (Bad Reputation), Black Oak Arkansas (Black Oak Arkansas), Montrose (Montrose), Todd Rundgren (Utopia), Iron Maiden (Killers), Deep Purple (Machine Head) wait I’m already up to 12. Sorry!   your top 5 albums in time   ! I can’t just do 5. Way too many good ones I love.   The closing word is yours? Thank you Haschi for taking the time for interview for your Metal Corner! We appreciate it. Get the word out and help us make more aware for Seasons Of The Wolf to come to play Europe!
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