Please introduce yourself and the band members briefly? First of all, thank you so much for the request to do this interview. My name is Mike Pesin and I’m guitar player   for Magistarium. Besides of me there are Oleg Rudych- vocals, Volker Brandes- Keys,Ingo Luering-Bass and Sebastian Busch on drums in the band.   What does the band name mean and how do you get it? The name of the band is primary the idea of our graphic designer Oleg” Voodoo” Scherbakow, who has created our logo and all our artworks as   well. As he explained it to me like Magistarium means the process of transformation of magic into reality Anyway we really liked this word and decided to take it as the name for our band.   Where and how was the band founded? Our band was founded in Hannover after I’ve met Oleg Rudych in the language course, where both of us learned German. Back in the days we had completely other people in the band as now, who left the band because of different reasons, so we were searching for the right people and we’ve found them in Sebastian Busch and Volker Brandes using an advertisement in the web. Ingo Luhring joined the band during the recordings of the second album, as the former bass player couldn’t stay in the band because of his job. I’ve met Ingo during the rehearsals of the band THOMSEN, where both of us still play.   Have you played in other bands before? Everybody of us has played in other band before and some of us still do. Oleg does his solo gigs, Volker plays in the power metal band Mindscrye, Sebastian helps out in the cover band of Ingo “ROCKKANTINE”, Ingo and me play in the band THOMSEN and everybody of us is always opened for the new projects   Was it hard to find suitable band members who fit musically and humanely with the band? I think, that’s the hardest part of playing in a band. It’s never enough only to be   a good musician. A band is normally a kind of family, so you have to be prepared to do some compromises otherwise it will not work. However, I think we ‘ve found this balance in our line up and I hope, we’ll stay together for a long. As for me, I really wish it .   What are the lyrics about and who of you is writing them ? We have very different topics which are not new for the metal music. We had fantasy world topics, we had the topics about the relationships between the people and so on. In the last time we have a lot of social and politically critical lyrics. I normally use to write the the russian lyrics on my own or sometimes with Oleg. The english lyrics were usually translated and rhymed by Samantha Payn, who has helped us with it for a long time. But on the new album, which is now in progress, we did almost all english lyrics together with Volker Brandes.   Which bands inspired you and how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard a sound from you? As for me, I’m a big fan of 80’s Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music. I do listen to different styles of music from Blues up to Black Metal and so on, because as musician you have to do it. I was very inspired by Guns N’ Roses. I think the band was for me the reason to start to play guitar. The inspiration for Magistarium comes from   Nightwish, Rhapsody of fire, Rage, Helloween, Stratovarius and so on. All those bands I still listen to as well. I don’t know how I should describe our music, we have a bit of this a bit of that mixed with the unusual vocal of our lead singer. But some people called us “Nightwish with balls”. I like it   Why should people listen to your music? Have no fear to try something new or unusual. If you don’t like it you still can delete it from your spotify list   Faith in Salvation Your debut album is from 2009. How long did the work take? It took not too long to write the songs for   this album, because Oleg and me had a lot of song’s ideas. It took almost   two month to record this album. Herman Frank, who produced this album, spent with us one month in our rehearsal room   and worked with us on every single note of our songs step by step. After that we entered the Herman’s studio.   The album was produced by herman frank (uaAccept). How did you get in touch with him and how did you work together? Not only Accept He was in Victory, Moon Doc, Sinner , he did and does a lot of great solo projects as well. Herman lives in Hanover and has his studio here. A friend of us recommended his studio to us. We met him , talk about our plans and music and one month later started to work on the album. It was great time. I mean, it was a bit difficult for us, because we were not that good at that time and it was our first studio experience. But we also had a lot of fun. We still have only good memories about   the time we spent in the Herman’s studio, where we got a lot of knowledges and learned a lot. We also were 100 % satisfied with the result of the production. We’re still in touch with him.   How satisfied are you today with the debut album? What would you do differently and what is your favourite song on it? I think, back in the days we couldn’t do it better as it is. We definitely wouldn’t do some songs the way they are on the album today But, I think there is enough good material on the album as well. We still have at least   50 % of this album on our set list. We love to play these songs live and we’ re a bit proud of it, because it’s our history.   5'55 '' till the End of Days your second album came on the market in 2015. Why did it take six years until the album was done? We did a lot of shows in between those two albums. And everybody of us has regular jobs, so for the first time in our life we had to combine all those things like jobs, music, families and so on. As we did “Faith in salvation” we all were students and had much more time for everything. Another reason was that we’ve got in touch with some people who should produce this album and they promised us many things, that have never been happened . We had to wait too long for them. We had producing offers that we wanted to have, but didn’t have money to pay for . We actually were already playing the songs material from the “5’55’’ album live, but the album still wasn’t recorded.   5'55 '' till the End of Days is a second cd, a Russian version of your songs. Do you want to put more activities on the Russian market in the future? The russian version of „5´55´´-Album“ had really good feedbacks from Russia, Ukraine and russian speaking countries. So we thought, that we’ll   do the same with our 3 rd album. And we propably we´ll do a small tour in the end of this year in Rusia Ukraine and Poland.   The Russian artist Oleg "Voodoo" Scherbakov is responsible for the very successful cover artwork lettering. How did you get in contact with him and did he realize your ideas one to one or did he have a free hand? Oleg is one of the best friends of mine since my childhood and my band mate from my former band in Russia. He’s actually the person who taught me to listen to heavy metal music . He allways was and he is still a big music mentor for me. Oleg is now working for a lot of metal band and book‘s writers designing their artworks. You normally don’t have to explain nothing to him. He just listens to your music and suddenly has 1000 of visions about a possible design in his head. We’re really enjoing of working together with him. If youa re interested in his designs you can visit his homepage    How far have you been from new songs and what is the plan for the third album? We hear there is also female participation? We’re actually since december (with short breaks) in the studio. We’re allready tracked Bass, Drums, Keys and Guitars. Oleg is now laying down his vocals. After that we’ll do mix and mastering . And I think we’ll release the album before the upcoming european tour. So may be in March. Yes, you’re absolutely right we have some specials this time!!! We have a female vocalist who have amazing voice and who will appear on one oft he new songs. We also have a real violin player and we have real medieval music instruments on this album.   In 2019 you go on a small tour with vicious rumors. What do you expect from it and how hard was it to come on this tour? First of all we‘re looking forward to play the countries which we‘ve never played before and to get in touch with our tour mates. And we hope that we’ll do the tours   which will be bigger and bigger in the future. We really appreciate to be a part of this tour.   What was your first concert as a fan? And what memory do you have of it? My first was the concert oft he russian heavy metal band ARIA. That was cool, because   the concert was cool, the band was cool and the trip to the concert was very funny. There were a lot of friends in a small bus with tones of bier and what ever we were drinking on the road Those are really nice memories.   What were your live highlights and with which bands did you play? We played with a lot of bands. In the last years we‘ve played with Powerwolf, Raven, Sanctuary and and and… There were many highlights in the last years, but the special show was the one that we did with   Wölper Löwen Drum Corps and Artists , maked up in dracula style and so on. This show had a concept which worked really well. I hope we’ll do it again one day.   Have already resulted in friendship ? We unfortenetely played once together and didn’t see us again. But may be if we would play frequntly together we could become friends.   Which band would you like to play live with and why? We play with every band independently of their style.I personally would prefer Steel Panther   With what do you earn your money except with the music? I’m social worker. And I’m working with the people who has alcohol und drug addictions or the peolpe who are mentally ill.   How important are social media for you as a band? Very impotant, especially in our case because we do all promotion by ourself .   What would you (her) want to achieve with the band? We want to play every club and venue on the earth We want to visit and play all countries we haven‘t played play before. We don’t need a lot of publicity or fame, just the opportunity to do live shows.   What do you think about the Russia   Metal scene in general? There are a lot of great musicians who unfortunetly stay in Russia forever and nobody knows them.There are a lot of great heavy metal bands.   Maybe you can recommend some bands from your area? Check out the band of Herman Frank. It rocks!!! We have so many goog bands here in the Low Saxony, so I just don’t want to forget to mention somebody.   PERSONAL QUESTIONS !   Where did you grow up and how was your childhood? I grew up in Balashow in Russia. My father was a military pilot and my mother was nurse. I had really great childhood, a lot of friends and my family always kept to each other.   How was your school time you were rather the good student or the break clown ? I hadn’t the best marks and couldn’t shut my mouth in the lessons. But I never was a kind of criminal or rulesbreaker or something.   How did your parents react when you started making metal music? did they support you and how do you feel about your music today? I think, they didn’t take it seriously back in the days. They thought , it was a hobby for a week. Because when you 14 or 15 you normally have a bunch of this kind of hobbies. But as you see, I‘m still making metal Now my parents like what I’m doing . The ydont’t allways have time to visit my concerts because of their job. But sometimes they come to our shows.   Would you be successful in making music as a musician? I’m satisfied with all that I‘ve done before and whaht I’m doing now. I hope I will do more as a musician in the future. And that’s my small success And I defntly know, I could do more as a musician, If I didn’t have to go to work, but It’s not possible, so I try to do my best   Are you someone who loves the hustle and bustle of the big city? or rather looking for peace and relaxation in nature? It depends on my mood, sometimes I just want to relax and stay somewhere where doesn’t happen anything but sometimes I need action.   Do you actively practice sports or are you more of a passive spectator? I think, I’m more kind of passive spectator    When it comes to your physical well you can cook or let you cook for you I cook, if I have time. But because my girlfriend and my mother cook really good I somitimes let cook for me as well. The biggest problem allways is to have time for it.   What does your environment tell you about your passion for metal (friends / family / colleagues) ? So like I said, my family like it, my friends, there are a lot musicians by the way, come to my concerts and so do my colleagues. I have really great job and very cool colleagues.   How do you see the problem with the haters on the internet who have to announce their mental garbage in anonymity always and everywhere? You know,like I already mentioned ,I use to work with people, who have mental problems, so I think I became a little bit numb or developed a kind of immunity against the people who always stay in negative mode and try to find someone to blame for it. Or people who reached nothing in their life, but always knows everything best as the others. Or people who allways think they have to present their point of view, even nobody cares about it. So, to bring it down tot he point : I think , we all simply don’t have to pay our attention to those people. Don‘ take them seriously.   What do you think about the internet in general? a blessing or a curse? It depends on how do you use it. You know, you can use a knife to cut a bread or you can kill somebody. It’s up to you. I think, nobody of us could now imagine his life without internet.   Which question would you like to have answered and why? This one Because ,I now really don’t know what I have to say, and that’s pretty untypical for me   What would you personally like to do in your life? Nothing else as what I’m actually doing. But probably, I would travel the world as often as possible.   Russia A country I was born in and haven´t been to since 2004   Balashow My hometown   Germany I’m very happy about moving from Russia to Germany and feel very comfortable here.   Austria Looking forward to play there on 15 th  April at Viper Room in Vienna   Vodka or Beer If you   believe it or not. I really like beer more the vodka. But I actually don’t have any favourite drinks. I can drink everything , It depends on the people I hang with.   Chopjor Oh, that’s a river in my hometown. We used to spend a lot of time with the friends of mine there in sommer. Great memories.   Soccer or Ice Hockey Soccer   Movie or Series Both of them   Family Very important   part of my life.   Your top 10 all time album faves Guns N Roses- appetite for destruction, use your illusion I & II Stratovarius –Visons Rage- Unity Metallica- Black album & And justice for all Def Leppard- Hysteria Helloween- The dark ride U.D.O.- Faceless world   Your   top 5 albums in time   ! There are actually a way more then five, but: Jorn   with the project Dracula, Magnus Carlsson’ Free Fall, and three first albums of Steel Panther.   The closing word is yours? Like I said, thank you so much for the request to do this interview.   I wish all the best to your internet magazine und personally to you. And I hope to see you on our show in Austria!!! Of course thanks to each and everyone who will take time to read this. Follow us on Facebook , join us on the tour which starts in April. Take care of yourself, stay healthy & keep the flame of metal burning. Best regards Mike
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