Please introduce yourself and the band members briefly? I am the Hexenmeister, the mouthpiece of the Cult of Salem. I do all the talking and contact to this realm.Then there are the three demons M'rthorath the Voice of Salem, Nyog'tha the Drums of Salem and Ulthar the Chords of Salem   What does the band name mean and how do you get it? Let me tell you the story of the Cult : Salem Massachusetts 1692. The witch hunt is on. At a midsummer night in a ceremony involving human and nonhuman worshipers, three demons from the void where awakened by sending their call to the Lord of the wood, the mother of the thousand young to crave her blessing. These where henceforth known as the Cult of Salem.By foul treachery they were banished back to the eternal void. In the year 2018 the portal to our realm opened again. In the name of the mother a ritual of resurrection was held and the three again where evoken to spread the glory of the black goat.   Where and how was the band founded? The Cult was founded 1692 in Salem Massachusetts and reborn 2018 in Stuttgart Germay.   Have you played in other bands before? They served under another god before but his name should not be named.   Was it hard to find suitable band members who fit musically and humanely with the band? Our only goal is to serve Shub-Niggurath. This goal unites us.   What are the lyrics about and who of you is writing them There are anthems to the great old ones but we also tell about other hidden horrors too. The Voice of Salem writes all the lyrics.   Which bands inspired you and how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard a sound from you? Its not so other music that inspires. The deep love to our goodness inspires us. We bring this to the people of this realm to let them be a part, be one of the thousand youngs. In melancholy lies the joy. Slowly, dark, intense and majestetic.   Why should people listen to our music? Because it’s honest and you can find salvation as one of the thousand youngs.   Your debut album Unhallowed Rites contains six songs. Do you have any in the load for the next album? There are only the songs that are on the album.   How long has the production of Unhallowed Rites taken and who helped you? The recordings took seven days. The final spell ( mixing and mastering ) was cast by the grand magus of the Klangschmiede Studios Markus Stock.   What were your live highlights and with which bands did you play? There was no ritual held so far but it won’t take much longer and the Cult begins their work.   Which band would you like to play live with and why? The Vision Bleak would be great. They spread the word of the great old ones too. But there are many more.   How important are social media for you as a band? It is a great way to reach people around the world. It makes our mission much easier.   What would you (her) want to achieve with the band? To spread the words and wisdom of our godness     Shub-Niggurath.
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